High level simulation

Shooting takes place at West End Farm, Ebbesbourne Wake, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. 

A punch bowl known as Monk's Hole lies at the southern end of the farm, which enables us to offer a challenging and varied range of drives in topography renowned for presenting high birds.


Each day is designed for groups of 12 to 16 guns, with 2 guns sharing each peg.

We run days for full teams, scratch days, corporate events and novice shots, as well as for those of you looking to get some pre-season practice. Unique flexibility means we can work with you to tailor a day in any month to suit your requirements.


From £200 plus VAT per gun

What to bring

Packing the car for sim game days requires a little forethought and planning. Obviously a gun would be a good start. Fibre wad cartridges are a must. Don’t bother with those heavy loads; you will shoot so many in the day that you will thank yourself if you bring light loads e.g. 21 grams. Most people shoot between 250 and 500 cartridges in the day.


All that banging makes hearing defenders essential. We recommend everyone wears a pair of protective glasses to shield themselves from pieces of falling clay and spent shot. For the same reasons, a hat is a good idea. Your barrels will get extremely hot during the course of the day, and gloves prevent your fingers getting burnt, especially for those with side-by-sides. 


If you’re coming in the summer, make sure you pack sunscreen. And if you’re here in the early spring or late autumn, bring plenty of warm clothes, as the same wind that gives our clays natural lift can make standing in the line feel somewhat chilly. 

How to find us

Located in the upper reaches of the Chalke Valley, we are within easy reach of the A303, under 2 hours from Central London.

West End Farm, Ebbesbourne Wake, Salisbury,  Wiltshire, SP5 5JW